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Commercial Security Megatrends.jpgThe technological innovation that is transforming the residential side of security is providing opportunities on the commercial side as well, and business owners today can leverage this new security technology to not only help prevent crime and reduce shrink (losses) but also improve their overall business and bottom line.

The same type of security solutions and conveniences we are seeing in the home can now be leveraged by business owners to provide more than just security, including opportunities for operational efficiencies, increased business intelligence and better business continuity.


Commercial Security Megatrends

Let’s take a look at each commercial security megatrend with specific examples of how each one can help improve both security and overall business.

#1 - Video Analytics/Deep Learning and AI

Top businesses and companies today are leveraging the incredible amounts of data being produced by camera and access control systems, as well as IoT devices such as thermostats. With the sophisticated camera systems available today, at affordable prices, the images and data being produced allows business owners to have much more control over their operations, and with much less time and expense due to advances in picture quality, resolution and zoom capabilities, for example.

Video analytics, which may have over-promised and under-delivered in the past, are finally coming to fruition, allowing business owners to do so much more than security with the data.

Here’s what can be done with video analytics:

Business intelligence

There are many opportunities here that go well beyond just people counting and analyzing traffic flow, including operational efficiencies and business continuity. Optimizing your scheduling, spotting trends early, and maximizing marketing and promotion efforts are just the tip of the iceberg on the ROI that can be had here.

AI/Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence or AI is now being used within commercial security to help companies be more predictive with their security, including preventing crime while improving how people run their businesses. This move toward automation allows for smarter buildings that can realize better energy management and energy cost savings through the connection and integration of all data and systems—access control, video, fire, etc.

#2 - Mobile Access Control

With all of the access control and intrusion technology available today, commercial security is benefitting from the same kind of advances you are seeing in the home, including remote access control, facility management and monitoring—all customized to match the level of security needed for each business.

Today’s access control systems provide:


Access control systems can eliminate the need for keys as well as the time and money spent keeping track of them. There are also a number of different and more affordable solutions available today than in the past, allowing business owners to customize and put higher security where it is needed, while dialing it down in other areas, lowering overall costs.

Credentialing and Tracking

Access control systems can also simplify the time-consuming and costly process of onboarding employees, removing others, or granting temporary access for deliveries, temporary workers, visitors, etc. Plus, it can help you track employees, notifying you if an employee, for example, is entering an area that he or she is not authorized to enter, or is in the building during non-shift hours.

Future Proofing

With everything going IP, and everything being controlled through the Internet and mobile devices, today’s commercial security systems are future proofed, able to add new technologies as needed, such as mobile access using your phone and other mobile devices or through biometric access, including iris, fingerprint and facial recognition, allowing for dual-authentication based on the level of security needed. For example, only certain employees at the hospital are given access to certain medicine.

#3 - Cloud

The cloud is what makes all of what we looked at above possible, as it is designed to connect enterprise, small and medium business owners to their security management systems, providing access control and video surveillance in real time across multiple properties to any mobile device.

The cloud and cloud computing is transforming security today and will power the future as it allows business owners to make well-informed, timely decisions that enhance performance, security and efficiency. The cloud also allows this to be done at a lower creation cost, especially in the area of video storage, with lower overall management costs, all while enabling many of the efficiencies and business advantages outlined above.

Some of the other inherent benefits of the cloud include greater:


With all that is going on with cyberattacks and cyber breaches, a properly developed and maintained cloud-based service/solution provides built-in cybersecurity against these threats. Although no system is 100 percent secure from ever-evolving cyber threats, the cloud provides a safe environment to keep not only your IT, which is already in cloud including most likely your email, photos and banking, etc., but also your security as well now.


With everything connecting to the Internet, the cloud helps to integrate all systems and bring them into a single platform that anyone in the organization, from the owner to key managers, can control and manage with ease. Depending on the size of your business, and the number of camera, fire and security systems within your buildings, the cloud allows owners to realize efficiencies and savings based on data comparisons and analytics.

New Technology Adoption

The cloud is also helping the security industry realize the potential of all of this new and exciting technology, including biometrics, robotics and AI. Facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scanning are already being deployed on phones, and are coming down in price, which bodes well for mass adoption on the commercial level. And robotics, including both drones and robots, are already being used in security to provide additional layers of security, working hand and hand with humans to maximize security and detection. Plus, many manufacturing plants and warehouses are realizing big savings by deploying automated ground vehicles and robotics within their operations.

The Ever Evolving Trends in Commercial Security

If history has taught us anything within the security industry, staying at the forefront of trends is vitally important to the success and longevity of a business. Today’s early adopters of the latest security technologies are reaping the benefits of a comprehensive security solution as well as the many business and operational advantages that can be realized through today’s advanced and easy-to-use systems.

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